About the site

‘The Gust of Wind’, Ethel Spowers (1890 – 1947)

During the first lockdown here in the UK I started posting responses to individual poems. I say something about my initial motivations here and my reasons for starting up again more recently here.

Once I’ve finished transferring my other writing somewhere else, this site will be dedicated to those readings. My aim is to post a new one every fortnight.

In the meantime, you can find more of my own writing, poetry and otherwise here.

The selection of poems is not meant to be representative of anything other than my own reading (though the word cloud to the right will give you some idea of what you’re likely to find…) and it’s not even very representative of that – I don’t necessarily write about my ‘favourites’, only the poems I find myself having something to say on. As far as principles go, though, I usually go along with the poet Louis MacNeice (1907-1963), who advocated for ‘impure poetry… for poetry conditioned by the poet’s life and the world around [them]’.

It’s only me writing these responses on here, but the model is very much there for the taking and I would encourage anyone who enjoys poetry to try it, privately or publicly. I would like to collaborate directly in the future, too. How exactly I haven’t worked out (which I suppose is the point), but if you’re interested in the idea and want to reach out, please do.