The Left Margin is a blog by me, Jeremy Wikeley. I mostly write about poetry (reading other people’s, and writing my own – but the reading comes first). Occasionally other things too. I started blogging regularly in the first lockdown, and have more or less managed to keep it up since.

I was born in Birmingham in the very, very early 1990s and grew up near Southampton. After brief (and largely unsuccessful) detours teaching English abroad, working for an MP, and studying for a postgraduate degree in history, I now work at a London-based arts/literary charity, doing a bit of reviewing and continuing to write my own poems and short stories when I can. I live in Putney.

The word cloud will give you some idea of what you’re likely to find – or you can find examples of writing published elsewhere here. As general principles go I am with Louis MacNeice (1907-1963), who advocated for ‘impure poetry… for poetry conditioned by the poet’s life and the world around him [sic]’. More often than not it’s a curiosity about how that works which gets me started.

As of 2022 I will be on the lookout for new opportunities, so if you would like to suggest a review or an article, or collaborate on another kind of project, you can get in contact here.