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At the beginning of the pandemic I began a series about individual poems I like and why I like them. Then I stopped.

Into My Own: A Proposal

There is something about poetry which speaks to isolation. A poem is a highly concentrated moment of communication. Or rather a highly concentrated moment of attempted communication.

Poets are generally more solitary than most, but a poem is never solitary: it’s a signal sent up into the sky, trusting someone will receive it. For all these reasons they are everywhere right now (I suspect attention span also has a role to play). The poet laureate Simon Armitage has already written his first Coronavirus poem. You can follow the hashtag ‘covidpoetry’ on Instagram.

I’ve been thinking of writing a blog about poems for a while, but I do not want it to be me ‘explaining poems’. As if I could. Instead, this would be a regular thing – weekly, if I could keep it up (UPDATE: I have not kept it up) – where I will pick a poem and talk about what I like about it.

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