review: 'you are mistaken'

Sean Wai Keung’s debut pamphlet won The Rialto‘s open competition and I liked it a lot. The full review is online on London Grip:

“…I want to say that I kept being reminded of Wendy Cope. There’s the satire, the humour, the tenderness, the bracing honesty. And there’s something else too. Like Cope, Wai Keung knows what poetry looks like from the outside: how little most of it is regarded or read, how curious its obsessions look. But also its fundamental value:

+ i said i just want some poems
why are there no poems in this city

review: 'Larkinworld'

‘Larkinworld’ was at the Poetry Library on the South Bank. Read the full article on London Grip.

“Larkin’s poems [share] pop’s aphoristic quality: he says things about the world that people want to share with others. If you listen, you begin to notice lines in all kinds of unlikely places. U.S. indie band The National’s most recent album borrows from both The Less Deceived and High Windows. The lines make the transition into lyrics so well that no one seems to have noticed.”